INPE Supports Orbit Insertion of the Franco-Indian Satellite

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It follows one communicates published on the day (10/14) in the website of the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) noting that the INPE supports “Orbit Insertion” of the Franco-Indian Satellite.

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INPE Supports Orbit Insertion
of the Franco-Indian Satellite

Friday, October 14, 2011

The mission of the French-Indian satellite Megha-Tropique, for climate studies in the tropical zone, has the support of the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research (Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais – INPE). The ISRO, Indian Space Agency, asked the Center for Satellite Tracking and Control (Centro de Rastreio e Controle de Satélites) of INPE to support the critical phase of Megha-Tropics insertion into orbit.

"Since the launch, which happened latest 12th, our Tracking and Control Station in Cuiabá has been receiving early telemetry data and transmitting key telecommands. This activity is going to continue over another week, then the support network is going to be disconnected," said Pawel Rozenfeld, head of CRC/INPE.

Tests and simulations performed before the Megha-Tropiques launch proved that the Brazilian Station was able to join worldwide tracking and control network made to support the mission during the critical orbit insertion. Technicians from CRC/INPE and experts from the Information Technology Services (Serviço de Tecnologia da Informação - STI) of the Institute have contributed to the mission success.

The Megha-Tropiques satellite aim is to study water and energy cycle in the tropical atmosphere, to observe tropical convective systems and to improve rainfall forecast from space.


The Center for Satellite Tracking and Control (CRC) is an integrated set of facilities, systems and people dedicated to manage INPE satellites operations in orbit, or joint satellite of INPE and foreign institutions. The center is also able to support third parties' space missions. It consists of the Satellite Control Center (Centro de Controle de Satélite - CCS) in São José dos Campos (SP), the Earth Station of Cuiabá (MT), Earth Station of Alcântara (MA), and the communication network that connects them.

CRC/INPE keeps international partnership and serves on the further operation of French scientific satellite Corot at Alcântara station, while performing control and receipt of data from Brazilian satellite SCD-1 and 2, and is preparing to operate CBERS-3 (Sino-Brazilian) and Amazônia-1 (Brazilian).

In 2008, CRC also supported the Indian Lunar Mission Chandrayaan-1. CRC participation was completed when the spacecraft left Earth's gravity and entered moon's gravity.

Tracking and Control Station, Cuiabá

Satellite Control Center, São José dos Campos

Source: WebSite of the National Institute for Space Research (INPE)