IBSA Members Decide to Develop Satellites

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Segue abaixo uma notícia em inglês postada hoje (16/04) pelo site indiano "http://news.webindia123.com/" destacando a decisão dos países integrantes do IBAS (Índia, Brasil e África do Sul) em desenvolver em conjunto dois satélites.

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IBSA Members Decide to Develop Satellites

Brasilia Friday, Apr 16 2010 IST

India, Brazil and South Africa, the members of the IBSA forum, have decided for an early development of satellites in the areas of space, weather, climate and earth observation.

These satellites will address common challenges in climate studies, agriculture and food security. The IBSA micro satellites aim to promote and strengthen space programmes amongst the three countries. The leaders, adopting a joint statement at the end of the IBSA Summit here yesterday, affirmed the importance of encouraging the dialogue among civilisations, cultures, religions and people. In this respect, they supported the 'Alliance of Civilisations', a United Nations initiative aimed at building bridges, mutual knowledge and understanding around the world. They commended the Brazilian decision to host, in Rio de Janeiro, on May 2010, the 3rd Global Forum and confirmed their intention to be represented at an appropriate high level.

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Fonte: Site http://news.webindia123.com/