Florida, Brazil Deepen Aerospace Ties With Trade Missions, Embraer Expansion

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It follows a note published on the day (11/15) in the website “Parabolic Arc” highlighting that Florida, Brazil deepen Aerospace ties with Trade Missions, Embraer expansion.

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Florida, Brazil Deepen Aerospace Ties
With Trade Missions, Embraer Expansion

By Doug Messier
November 15, 2013, at 6:45 am

The state of Florida and emerging South American economic power Brazil spent the month of October strengthening their economic ties, with a particular focus on aerospace cooperation. The activities included an exchange of trade missions and the announcement that Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer will expand its operations in Melbourne, bringing 600 jobs to Florida’s hard-hit Space Coast.

The following stories are excerpted from Space Florida’s most recent newsletter

Florida-Brazil Trade Mission Results in Business Development Leads

In early October, Space Florida President Frank DiBello had the opportunity to conduct a trade mission to Brazil, meeting with 20+ high-tech and aerospace executives that expressed interest in doing business in the United States. The mission was hosted by the Brazil-Florida Chamber of Commerce.

While in Brazil, Mr. DiBello met with Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research – INPE, two technological research parks in Sao Jose Dos Campos and Sorocaba, and the Federation of Industry of Santa Catarina (FIESC). The intent of this mission was to explore, accelerate, and capture near-term opportunities with aviation and aerospace companies interested in doing business in Florida.

Brazil has the largest aerospace economy in the Southern Hemisphere, and Florida has many synergies with Brazil, including dual pursuits of small satellite technology and launch, unmanned aerial system programs, and new and developing spaceports along coastal regions, just to name a few.

We look forward to continuing to grow international partnerships and cross-pollinate business development leads, which will ultimately benefit our respective, high-tech economies.

Brazil-Florida Chamber of Commerce Leds Trade Mission to Florida

In late October, the Brazil-Florida Chamber of Commerce (BFCC) led a trade mission to Central Florida, where dozens of Brazilian business owners got to know the benefits of doing business in the Sunshine State. This was only one of many planned missions between Florida and Brazil to serve as a catalyst for high-tech growth.

The BFCC works with Brazilian companies interested in doing business with and in Florida, and serves as a liaison to entities like Space Florida and Enterprise Florida, to connect those companies with information about incentives that may benefit their Florida-based business operations.

The BFCC mission is to serve as the primary resource that connects the Brazilian-American business network together – starting with Florida – and serving the international community as an ambassador organization for Brazil and American business dealings.

The Brazil-Florida Chamber of Commerce is headquartered in Melbourne, FL. For more information visit http://www.brazilflorida.org.

Embraer Executive Jets Chooses Melbourne for New Manufacturing Facility

On October 29th, Florida Governor Rick Scott announced that Embraer Executive Jets has selected Melbourne International Airport (MLB) to build its newest 250,000 sf. manufacturing facility. The company says it will create 600 jobs and generate $28 million in capital investment from the project. This is Embraer’s third significant growth announcement in Florida in the past three years.

Space Florida, Enterprise Florida, the EDC of Florida’s Space Coast and MLB were all critical partners in the deal.

Space Florida will serve as a conduit for an $8 million Closing Fund Award from the State of Florida, to support the construction of Embraer’s new facilities.

“We have been pleased to be a significant part of Embraer’s growth in Florida over the past few years,” said Space Florida President Frank DiBello. “Embraer demonstrates the type of aerospace innovation we will continue to invest in to benefit Florida’s economy.”

Source: Website Parabolic Arc - http://www.parabolicarc.com/

Comentário:  Hummmm, interessante essa notícia. O que será que pode surgir no INPE dessa missão do Flórida Space? Até onde a falta de um acordo de Salvaguardas Tecnológicas entre o Brasil e os EUA pode interferir negativamente nessa iniciativa? São perguntas que ainda terão de ser respondidas. Vamos aguardar.


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