MASER 12 Successfully Launched

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It follows one communicates published today (02/13), in the website of the "Swedish Space Corporation (SSC)", announcing that the MASER 12 rocket was successfully launched this morning from Esrange Space Center.

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MASER 12 Launched

Today at 9.32 UTC the microgravity rocket MASER 12 was successfully
launched from SSC’s launching facility Esrange Space Center.

13 Feb 2012

MASER 12 reached an apogee of 260 km and the experiments on board spent 6 minutes in microgravity.

MASER 12 carried Five ESA financed microgravity for studies of:

The effect of microgravity on white blood cells-T-cell activation in microgravity, blood cell transportation and movement in blood vessels, solidification process on binary, Au-Cu alloy through x-ray radiographic observation, the behaviour of propellants in spacecrafts tanks.

“This was a long awaited launch, and the scientific teams are really enthusiastic. The countdown was very tense but no room was given to inculcated risks: we are only happy IF we have 100% success, I believe we caught the whole prey” says Mr. Antonio Verga, Project Technical Officer, ESA.

MASER is an SSC sounding rocket programme for research using microgravity as a means of investigation. SSC is the prime contractor for the MASER 12 mission which is carried out for the customer ESA. This Includes the responsibility for all experiment modules, the service module, the recovery system and the rocket motor as well as launch and recovery.

Read More about MASER 12

Point of contact: Gunnar Florin, Project manager.

Source: Website of the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC)


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