ISIS CubeSat for INPE and UFSM

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Segue abaixo uma nota em inglês postada dia (14/01) no site da empresa holandesa “Innovative Solutions In Space (ISIS)” destacando que essa empresa foi selecionada para fornecer a Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (UFMS) e ao INPE um conjunto de equipamentos constituintes dos sistemas e subsistemas do projeto do Cubesat NANOSATC-BR, como já havíamos divulgado (veja a nota “DOU Publica Resultado de Concorrência do NANOSATC-BR”).

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ISIS CubeSat for INPE and UFSM


ISIS has been selected as the prime contractor for the provision of flighthardware and support systems for the NanoSatC-BR mission from research institute INPE and the Federal University of Santa Maria in Brazil. ISIS will support the local mission team with part and component for their 1-Unit CubeSat mission.

ISIS is proud to be selected as the major partner in making this first Brazilian CubeSat Mission a success, based on its track record and its position as a leading nanosatellite supplier. ISIS will provide all spacecraft bus hardware for the 1-Unit CubeSat mission of INPE and UFSM, as well as an extensive suite of ground support equipment including a ground station.

ISIS is looking forward to an extensive cooperation with the various stakeholders in Brazil in the realisation of new hands-on technical space projects and small scale research missions.

For more information please contact ISIS.

Source: Websita of the Innovative Solutions In Space (ISIS)


  1. There is a Cubesat Forum (see the link) that can help any team, interested in building small satellites, at no costs. Companies like ISIS or Clyde Space offers you, at huge prices, things that you can make by yourself, better and at much lower costs.

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