INPE Releases Website to Commemorate its Anniversary

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It follows one release published in english on the day (13/07) in the website of the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) to commemorate its 50th anniversary.

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INPE Releases Website to
Commemorate its 50th Anniversary


National Institute for Space Research (INPE) is releasing a commemorative site at to recall events and celebrate achievements that have marked its 50 year history.

Listed at "Timeline", website features main facts and achievements of INPE - covering several expertise areas - contextualized by significant occurrences about science and technology in Brazil and worldwide.

At the website are available educational booklets for young audiences about 50 years (conquering space to care for Earth), climate change (Climate is different. What changes in our lives), astrophysics (Search universe to understand Earth) and general activities (A stroll through INPE).

The site is continually updated; also features photo gallery, video library and a special section aimed at anyone wishing to share about projects, trivia and actions that have contributed to INPE reach its fiftieth anniversary being one of the most respected Brazilian institutions.

Available in Portuguese and English, the website also has tools to push updates to users via RSS and Facebook page.

At, you can access the commemorative site by clicking the 50 years logo, located at the upper right of the page.


Throughout its history, INPE has shown increasing commitment to the society demands. Besides technology products, its satellites are instruments to help Brazilian science to better understand the country. INPE conducts research and services to support Brazil facing challenges of sustainable development in global environmental change times. On August 3, 1961, INPE started its activities focusing on space science and as a result, now home to world-renowned research groups in areas such as geophysics, astrophysics, aeronomy and material physics. After also winning recognition in remote sensing by satellite, and meteorology, the institute installed a center of excellence to detect environmental changes and assess their impact on national development.

INPE has one of the world's powerful supercomputers for meteorological, environmental and climate applications. It will host the National Center for Monitoring and Natural Disasters Warning, coordinated by Ministry of Science and Technology, scheduled to open later this year. The Institute distributed free on the Internet, satellite images that benefit the system of management government territory, university research and development of private enterprises that generate jobs and income due to space technology.

INPE monitoring Amazon deforestation, forest fires, areas with sugarcane crop, among other services. Images and products from INPE are useful in areas such as health, public safety, natural disaster management and biodiversity. Weather and climate forecasting, for example, provides data to economic sectors such as agribusiness and energy planning, fundamental to development of the country.

INPE's mission is to produce science and technology in areas of high quality space and terrestrial environment and offer unique products and services on behalf of Brazil.

Source: WebSite of the National Institute for Space Research (INPE)