Azovmash Will Produce Equipment for Cyclone-4 Rocket.

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It follows one communicates published in english on the day (10/07), in the ukrainian website "", noting that the ukrainian company Azovmash will produce equipment for Cyclone-4 rocket.

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Mariupol's Azovmash to Produce
Special-Purpose Equipment for
Cyclone-4 at Alcantara Space Center

10/07/2011 – 12:24

The Bubnov chief design bureau of open joint-stock company Azovmash (Mariupol, Donetsk region) has finished designing 20-foot containers for transporting fuel and oxidizing agents to the Cyclone-4 complex at the Alcantara space center (Brazil).

Azovmash's press service told Interfax-Ukraine that public joint-stock company Azovobschemash, part of OSJC Azovmash, has started producing four pilot containers: two for oxidizing agents and two for fuel.

The press service said that currently a contract with Ukrainian-Brazilian Alcantara Cyclone Space to supply the containers to the complex is being drawn up.

"All of the main questions regarding documents, technological processes, cycles and terms have been settled," the press service said.

Azovmash is a famous Ukrainian supplier of wagons, mining and crane equipment, fuelers, car carriers and other products on the international market.

Ukraine and Brazil signed an agreement in 2003 on long-term cooperation in constructing the Cyclone-4 space rocket complex at Brazil's Alcantara space center.


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