Azovmash Ships to Brazil Transp. Systems for Space Complex

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It follows a note published in the day (16/05), in the english version of the ukrainian website, stating that Azovmash ships transport systems for Space Complex Tsyklon 4 (Cyclone-4) in Brazil.

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Azovmash Ships Transport Systems for
Space Complex Tsyklon 4 in Brazil

16/05/2013 - 11:06

KYIV, May 16 /UKRINFORM/. Joint Stock Company Azovmash has shipped transport systems for the space rocket complex Tsyklon 4 on the Alcantara space center in Brazil as part of a joint Ukrainian-Brazilian project, a correspondent of UKRINFORM reported.

"The units created in Mariupol were sent by sea to Latin America, where Brazil and Ukraine are building the spaceport Alcantara," the company's director general, Ihor Karpeichyk, told the press.

Mariupol produces reinforcement and pumping units, tank containers for temporary storage of oxidants and fuels; Azovmash designers are also finalizing a number of other systems for the space rocket complex Tsyklon 4.

The project Tsyklon 4 is implemented according to the October 21, 2003 agreement between Ukraine and the Federative Republic of Brazil on long-term cooperation in the use of the carrier rocket Tsyklon 4 at the Alcantara launch center. The project is implemented by the Ukrainian-Brazilian JV Alcantara Cyclone Space, created in 2006.

Ukraine provides the development of the carrier rocket Tsyklon 4 and preparation of the production base for its manufacture. Brazil provides the creation of the general infrastructure of the start-up center. On a parity basis, the partners are creating a ground complex for launches of the carrier rocket Tsyklon 4.

The very construction of the ground-based complex for Tsyklon 4 in Brazil was launched in 2010. Its area is about 50 hectares.

The first launch has already been postponed several times. But in April, Deputy Prime Minister Yuriy Boiko stated categorically that the first launch of the carrier rocket Tsyklon 4 at the Alcantara launch center in Brazil will take place at the end of 2014.

"We are going according to schedule both in the construction of the cosmodrome with its infrastructure, and in building the rocket and the satellite. The term of the first launch is the end of 2014, and we are confident that we will be ready by this time," Yuriy Boiko said.

Comentário: Pois é leitor, está ia essa lamentável notícia protagonizada por esses energúmenos. 


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