Masters & PhD Bursaries for 2011 in Satellite & Airship

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For the interested readers I bring now a note in English to Master & PhD bursaries (2011) in four very interesting projects in the area of Satellites and Airship technology. It follows the note down.

Duda Falcão

Masters & PhD Bursaries for 2011
in Satellite and Airship Technology

A number of bursaries (R50k/year for Masters, R120k/year for PhD) are available for the 2011 academic year. The research projects where prospective students can participate in, are:

* ESA FP7 project with the University of Surrey (Surrey Space Centre) on the development of a solar sail Cubesat satellite to demonstrate a future deorbiting method for space debris;

* CPUT Cubesat project where Stellenbosch University will develop the attitude control unit implemented a 1kg, 10cm3 unit of the total 3-unit satellite;

* IBSA-1 microsatellite (India/Brazil/South Africa) space weather mission where the attitude and orbit control system requires simulation analysis and novel AODCS sensors and actuators can be developed for potential orbital flight early 2013;

* Autonomous flight of an electric 8 meter airship for aerial surveilance. This is an continuation of previous research already completed within the ESL.

Contact Prof. Herman Steyn (Room E402 or if you are interested in any of these topics and requires more information.

IBSA -1 Mission

Solar Sail Mission

ESL Airship


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