Liquid Hydrogen is Studied in Space

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I received an email from Mr. Anders Classon with an article in English posted on the website of the “Sveriges Radio P4” highlighting the ongoing activities at Esrange Base related to "Operation Cryofenix". If the weather VSB-30 rocket is favorable this may be released today.

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Liquid Hydrogen is Studied in Space

"Cameras monitors fluid" (1:24 minutes)

Foto: Alexander Linder/ Sveriges Radio.
Vincent Leudière and Michael Lundin hope for a successful
rocket launch from Esrange outside Kiruna.

Weather permitting sent a sounding rocket launched from Esrange near Kiruna today. With the space mission are two tanks with liquid hydrogen to be studied carefully.

- It's about to check and investigate how liquid hydrogen behaves in microgravity. That one looks carefully at the pressures and temperatures. Then there are the cameras that monitor this liquid that man we can follow in real time from the ground during the experiment, says Michael Lundin, who is the project manager of the Swedish Space Corporation SSC.

Space trip takes about 20 minutes and the rocket reaches a height of 26 mil.

There is gas company Air Liquide, which in collaboration with the French space agency CNES working to develop fuel system in the European Ariane rocket. It is a series of rockets used to launch satellites from French Guiana in South America. The fuel in the Ariane include the liquid hydrogen.

The researchers now want with the help of the experiment looking at Esrange examine how fuel losses can be reduced. In this way it is hoped to reduce the size of the fuel tanks in order to unload the rockets with more satellite equipment.

The Swedish Space Corporation SSC is thus involved in the project named Cryofenix. - SSC has helped to develop the peripherals that run, control and measure all events that we will see in his mind, says Michael Lundin.

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Source: Website of the Sveriges Radio P4 -

Comment: The Blog Brazilian Space thanks once again our Swedish reader, Mr. Anders Classon, for sending this article.


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