Brazilian Rocket is Successfully Launched in Europe

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It follows one communicates published on the day (20/02) in the Brazilian Journal Website "Valor Econômico" and posted on the same day in English on the Swedish Website "Uppsagd - SSC", highlighting the successful launch of the rocket VS-30 / Orion during the launch campaign of Operation ICI -4.

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Brazilian Rocket is Successfully
Launched in Europe

By Virginia Silveira | Valor
20 feb 2015 (13h03 Brazilian time)

SAN JOSE DOS CAMPOS (SP) -The VS-30 / Orion rocket, which uses a Brazilian engine in the first stage, successfully launched the European atmospheric experiment ICI-4.

The launch was held at 23h06 (local time) yesterday, the Andoya base in Norway.

The experiment launched by rocket was developed by the European Space Agency (ESA) in order to investigate the effects of the phenomena of the Northern Lights in navigation systems and satellite communications acting on the region of North America.

By finding the causes of interference, scientists believe they can establish a space weather forecasting system more reliable and minimize the impacts on satellite communications.

Is also planned for this Friday the launch of the Brazilian sounding rocket VSB-30, which will take on board the Cryofenix experiment, developed by the French Space Agency (CNES) and Air Liquide Advanced Technologies.

Considered unprecedented, the research will study the liquid hydrogen behavior in microgravity conditions in space.

The research will help scientists in the development of future developments of the European Ariane rocket engines with liquid fuel.

Both the release of VS-30 / Orion as the VSB-30 had to be postponed several times due to the bad weather conditions in their respective launch pads.

The VSB-30 will be launched from Esrange base, 200 miles from the Arctic Circle in Sweden.

The Brazilian rocket was developed in partnership with the German Aerospace Center DLR, to meet a demand of the Microgravity Programme of ESA. About 80% of rocket components are supplied by the Brazilian space industry.

By scheduling Esrange base releases, VSB-30 will make this year another six launches of European scientific experiments.


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